Boise Wayfinding System
Downtown and Beyond


CCDC is leading an effort to create a wayfinding system for downtown Boise. CCDC and its consultant, Sea Reach, have been working with numerous stakeholders to develop and design the system since late 2013. Once completed, the Downtown Wayfinding System will promote downtown and foster economic growth and future development in and around downtown Boise.

The wayfinding system will accommodate and integrate the many modes of transportation that are used downtown. The system will include directional signs directing motorists along major approach routes from Interstate 84, the Boise Airport, and State Street into downtown and into public parking garages. Signage for cyclists will be oriented along bike-friendly routes, including the Boise River Greenbelt. Pedestrians will be able to find their way using directional signage, maps, and informational kiosks located along major downtown walking routes and along connections to and from the Boise River Greenbelt. Parking signs will direct motorists where they can park and direct pedestrians on how to get back to their cars.Projects-wayfinding-2

The wayfinding system will be designed to benefit visitors and locals alike. Newcomers and visitors arriving downtown will be able to find major destinations such as the Boise Convention Center, Boise State University, and CenturyLink Arena using the vehicular directional signs posted along principal approach routes. Locals that are already familiar with these larger destinations may find something novel in minor destinations and points of interest listed on pedestrian kiosks and maps. Visitors and natives alike will benefit from new parking signs that show where parking is available in real time.

The wayfinding system has been designed to incorporate many elements that are appropriate for the City of Trees. The vehicular signs themselves evoke an arboreal theme, with the sign posts resembling a trunk and branches, and the sign backings resembling a canopy. Compass insets placed in the sidewalk will refer to the Foothills to the north and the River to the south. The sign faces will be green and will include color-coded headers to help orient to each of the five wayfinding zones proposed for downtown. Based on the recommendation of the stakeholder committee, the CCDC Board and Boise City Council approved this design in 2015.

CCDC and its consultant are working with ACHD, ITD, and City of Boise on final sign locations for the project manual. Once locations are approved and the project manual is finalized, the project will be put out to bid in a two-stage process, with pre-qualification of contractors followed by a competitive bid selection. This process is expected to occur in 2016.

CCDC project manager, Matt Edmond, is managing the project for CCDC.