Live Audio Streaming is available during the Board of Commissioners meetings on Chrome or Firefox web browsers and is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you are not able to hear the meeting, click the refresh button near the search bar at the top of your browser. The audio recording will be uploaded to the website within one day of the meeting.

CCDC is governed by an nine-member Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are selected by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for five-year terms. Commissioners are not compensated for their service.

Board meetings are open to the public and generally held the second Monday of the month, beginning at noon, in the CCDC Board Room, 121 N 9th St, on the fifth floor.

CCDC’s public meetings are conducted in a location accessible to those with physical disabilities. Participants may request reasonable accommodations, including but not limited to a language interpreter, from CCDC to facilitate their participation in the meeting. For assistance with accommodation, contact CCDC at 121 N. 9th St, Suite 501 or (208) 384-4264 (TTY Relay 1-800-377-3529). Live streaming during the board meetings by clicking "Listen Live" on the right.

John Hale
Dana Zuckerman
Pat Shalz
Commissioner/Executive Committee 'At Large' Member
David Bieter
Ryan Woodings
Ben Quintana
Maryanne Jordan
Scot Ludwig
Gordon Jones