Karl Woods

Senior Project Manager - Capital Improvements

PHONE 208-384-4264  FAX 208-384-4267

EMAIL info@ccdcboise.com

“Having grown up in Boise, I remember the days of boarded-up windows and tumbleweeds blowing down Main Street. So I take great pleasure in helping to improve the downtown, where I and my family and friends enjoy the music, culinary, and cultural scenes.”

Downtown Boise can be seen and enjoyed on foot, by bike, or via motor vehicle—and Karl’s job is to make sure the trip goes smoothly, no matter the mode. He oversees various downtown plazas, streets, sidewalks, bike facilities, parking garages, and pathways. Currently he coordinates the construction of projects throughout Boise's six districts—projects that support businesses, large and small, in creating and retaining jobs attractive to the diverse downtown workforce.

Prior to joining CCDC, Karl worked in the architectural, construction, and facilities communities in Montana and throughout Idaho. He has a background in architecture, planning, construction and project management in the private and public sectors.

Karl earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture, with a minor in fine arts, from the University of Idaho. He did further studies in architecture at Danish International Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation, which reflects his passion for sustainable design and construction practices.