Lydia Lewis


PHONE (208) 384-4264  FAX (208) 384-4267


I grew up in the White Mountains of Arizona in a small town that thrived on community service. My favorite memories center around playing in bands, helping at the rodeo and participating in town clean-up projects. Working at CCDC gives me the opportunity to continue serving the community by playing a small part in building Boise in meaningful and lasting ways.

After careers in real estate and mortgage lending, Lydia earned a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Northern Arizona University. She spent time working as an accountant for a commercial property management firm and then moved to Boise and worked for a non-profit agency. CCDC opened up a new avenue for learning and working in a field she grew quickly in love with.

Lydia enjoys the energy that downtown Boise has, both during and after business hours. One of her favorite projects CCDC has supported is the wrap-around artwork on signal boxes. It brings a smile whenever she see's one of these mini-masterpieces, because it’s like "finding a tiny treasure tucked away on a busy street."

Lydia likes discovering new corners of nature that are unique, cooking meals to share with her family, and creating adventures for her grandchildren.