Ross Borden

Finance & Administration Director

PHONE 208-384-4264  FAX 208-384-4267


“I’ve moved to Boise three times. Or, maybe better stated, I moved to Boise once, then moved back twice. An Idaho kid, I started out in the Magic Valley, then moved to Boise a first time in 1982 after graduating from the University of Idaho. I moved back again after graduate school, and once again my (so far) final time in 1994 after a stint in Olympia, Washington. Boise has – ahem – changed a lot since then.”

Ross directs the Agency’s financial and contracting administrative affairs. It’s a big job—everything from the annual budget and financial audit to project financing and debt issuance, from business services and the Agency’s salary and benefits plan to CCDC’s many and widely varied contract documents.

Prior to joining CCDC as contracts manager in 2013, Ross was director of intergovernmental affairs for the Office of the Mayor at the City of Boise, and assistant budget director and then special assistant to the president at Boise State University. Previously he was a principal budget and policy analyst for the Idaho Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee and a research analyst for the Washington State Legislature in Olympia. Ross began his career in Boise Cascade Corporation’s Timberland Resources Information Systems here in Boise.