2015 Streetscapes
River Myrtle - Old Boise

silva-cellsConstruction started on the River Myrtle-Old Boise Streetscape improvements in May 2015 and concluded in August 2015. The project included 5 block faces with improvements including but not limited to new curb and gutter, street trees and grates, historic streetlights, pedestrian ramps and furnishings such as bike racks, litter receptacles and benches for pedestrian use. The sidewalks were constructed per the Boise City Streetscape Standards using complete brick and concrete sidewalks and a mixture of both. The project also included use of the Silva Cell Tree and Stormwater Management System. Silva cells are a suspended pavement system that allows street trees to grow larger and live longer healthier lives in an urban environment.
For more information on Silva Cell, visit the Deep Root website.

Block faces included in the construction scope:

X:PROJECTS20151501 - CCDC 2015 River Myrtle Streetscape CDCC

  • 6th Street (north of Idaho Street to alley – both sides)
  • Idaho Street – north side (6th – 5th street west end)
  • 5th & Idaho Street (northwest corner)
  • Idaho Street –south side (6th – 5th Street western half)
  • 5th & Idaho Street (southwest corner)
  • Main Street – north side (6th – 5th Street west end)
  • 5th & Main Street (northwest corner)
  • 12th & Front Street (northeast corner)

CCDC Project Manager Karl Woods was overseeing this project.