8th Street
Northbound Conversion + Bike Lane

8888In the summer of 2014, the Agency created a plan to convert the direction of one-way traffic in downtown Boise on 8th Street between Bannock and Main Streets. The one-way southbound section of 8th Street was changed to one-way northbound. The change immediately improved overall downtown traffic flow, provided local bicyclists a safer lane option and helped relieve potential traffic issues on Main Street when periodic lane closures occurred during construction of the Multimodal Transit Center (west side of the U.S. Bank Building near the corner of Capitol Boulevard and Main Street).

The conversion took place during the last two weeks of August 2014 and was completed early – prior to September 1, – creating minimal traffic disruption or impact on 8th Street businesses.

“The conversion will be complete after construction begins on the Multimodal Center, but when implemented it will allow 8th Street to be the escape valve when there are the occasional full Main Street lane closures,” said CCDC’s parking and facilities manager, Max Clark. “Motorists will typically have the option of turning left on 8th Street going northbound in order to reach their downtown destination and avoid the construction-related traffic delays.”

Boise bicyclists are enthusiastic about the change because the bike lane will be moved to the opposite side of the street, instead of being up against cars that are parked along 8th Street.

Upon completion of the conversion, visitors and those who live and work in Downtown Boise can expect the following:

  • Fewer parking conflicts on 8th Street
  • A safer, mid-block pedestrian crossing
  • Increased potential shopper traffic benefiting 8th St. businesses
  • A buffered bike late separating northbound cars and southbound bikes
  • Consistency with ACHD’s grid north of Bannock (currently one-way northbound).


The directional change will be periodically re-evaluated by the CCDC board to ensure that the conversion is working in the best interest of public safety. For updates or more information about the 8th Street conversion, contact Max Clark.