BikeBOI Secure Bike Parking

A major challenge for bike commuting in downtown Boise is a lack of long-term, secure bike parking available to the general public. Long-term bike parking differs from the short-term bike parking in the form of sidewalk bike racks and bike corrals, in that it is sheltered from the elements and offers a greater degree of security to meet the needs of employees and residents rather than customers and guests.

Many downtown institutions and employers have developed long-term, secure bike parking in recent years, from allowing bikes to be brought into work spaces to secure bike rooms. These facilities, however, are only available to employees, tenants or affiliates of those respective properties or organizations. The one secure bike parking facility open to the general public, operated by Valley Regional Transit in Main Street Station, has access limited to the operating hours of that facility, generally weekdays into the evening and Saturday daytime. This is not a viable option for those who work in the service industry or otherwise work early or late, and who do not have employer-provided long-term bike parking.

The new BikeBOI station to be built on the ground floor of the 9th & Main garage will seek to meet this need by incorporating best practices and amenities found in existing secure bike parking facilities throughout the country, including key card secure access, security video, dynamic lighting, secured racks to lock to, bike repair tools, and outlets for e-bike charging. CCDC has budgeted $150,000 for this effort.

CCDC Project Manager Matt Edmond, is overseeing this project.

Next Steps:

  • Fall 2018: Finalize design and project bidding
  • Winter 2018-2019: Construction
  • Spring 2019: Bike room open