Capitol Terrace Garage

capttttWater can be very destructive to concrete parking structures. Water comes into CCDC parking garages on vehicles and exposed decks during rain and snow events. Where there is finished space below a garage deck, it has been the Agency’s practice to waterproof those deck surfaces to prevent water intrusion into building spaces below. Typical CCDC practice has also been to waterproof the exposed roof deck.

CCDC built the Capitol Terrace parking garage, located at 770 W Main St, in 1988.

Preparing for the waterproofing process started in June 2015 and was completed in August 2015. The project consisted of installing a new waterproofing membrane on portions of Level 6, Level 5 and Level 2. The project also included other waterproofing measures such as replacement of coping caps, sealing of the entry ramp, installation of a drain assembly at Level 2 to alleviate ponding and repair of several areas where water intrusion has damaged the structure. Parking striping and markings were replaced to current standards.

Capital Terrace is one of CCDC’s busiest and most successful parking garages, supporting economic growth in the heart of the Central Business District.

CCDC Project Manager Karl Woods is overseeing the project.