Freak Alley & Union Block Alley

This project improved two of the most popular alleys off of 8th Street as public spaces with a repaved surface and overhead lighting.

Union Alley Plan View

The alley project replaced deteriorating asphalt with concrete, pavers, and a decorative runnel to improve aesthetics and drainage as well as reduce tripping hazards. The project also installed overhead lighting elements.

In conjunction with the CCDC public project, owners and managers around the Union Block Alley made a number of private improvements along it, including consolidation of trash, recycling, and used grease collection; installation of a small plaza space with seating; daylighting the basement of the Union Block Building; installation of artwork and signage on certain building facades; and installation of a water feature.

Freak Alley Plan View

These improvements make these alleys safer and more inviting for the many people who walk through them each day. It also improves visibility of area businesses and facilitates a host of possible future activities in these spaces next to Downtown Boise’s most popular people street.

Construction began in spring 2018, following replacement of the sewer main and services lines in the two alleys.

CCDC Project Manager, Matt Edmond, managed this project.

Construction Updates

Monday, September 18, 2017

After working through some initial permitting issues, Allwest is scheduled to be on-site next Thursday September 28th to conduct some geotechnical investigation beginning at about 9am. They will be boring 4 test holes in each alley, starting at the west end of Freak Alley next to 9th Street and working their way east toward Capitol Blvd. They will be using a floor saw to cut through asphalt, so there will be some noise and dust. They will block off one dig location at a time with orange cones, so any delivery or other vehicles entering the alley will have to back out or turn around to exit the alley while the work is going on.