150 N. Capitol - City Hall Plaza Renovation

CCDC’s urban renewal efforts target infrastructure deficiencies and spaces where assistance is necessary to enable the desired improvements. An enhanced plaza with attractive, robust features will enliven the downtown core and further the needs of a growing city. Given the limited amount of downtown real estate dedicated to civic space, this is a prime location which should be activated and utilized.

Plaza rendering
City Hall Plaza Rendering

In 2014, the City of Boise began a multi-year phased exterior renovation of City Hall.  The renovation efforts completed to date include seismic upgrades, streetscape improvements around the eastern half of the block, as well as some interior remodeling and code upgrades. CCDC participated in the streetscape improvements portion of these renovation efforts through a T4 Capital Improvement Reimbursement Agreement. The streetscape improvements fulfill a portion of the Agency’s goals to improve the pedestrian network throughout the Old Boise neighborhood and especially around this civic building which involves substantial public access.

The second phase of the City Hall renovation and streetscape project includes significant plaza improvements, streetscape updates to meet the City of Boise Streetscape Standards around the western half of the block, and waterproofing of the subterranean parking structure underneath the plaza.

On August 8, 2016, the CCDC Board of Commissioners designated the public improvements of the remaining phase of the renovation as a project eligible to use the Type 4 Capital Improvement Reimbursement Agreement. On March 13, 2017, the Board approved the final Agreement with the City of Boise for site improvements associated with City Hall Plaza and Capitol Boulevard. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2017 and will be complete in phases through the early winter (see phasing plan below).

Key Features of the City Hall Plaza Renovation include:

  • A skim fountain that incorporates the public art piece, “Cottonwood Copse”
  • A shaded hardscape patio with informal seating
  • A lawn terrace and water-wise naturalized landscaping
  • Ability to host large events by spanning the shaded patio and lawn terrace
  • Amenities such as a Boise Green Bike station, traditional bike parking, and a bicycle repair station
  • Green storm water infrastructure to address storm water runoff


CCDC Senior Project Manager, Doug Woodruff, managed this project.

Boise City Hall Plaza Renovation 3