JUMP & Simplot HQ

JR Simplot Company Offices and JUMP are currently under construction on Parcel C, immediately west of BoDo between Front, Myrtle, 9th and 11th streets in the River Myrtle – Old Boise Urban Renewal District. The project consists principally of the new JR Simplot Company Headquarters and offices on the north side of the block and JUMP (short for Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) on the south side of the block. The new office building will house JR Simplot corporate offices for some 900 employees in Boise once complete. JUMP is a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering space featuring a multimedia studio, a kitchen studio, a maker’s studio, a movement studio, an inspiration studio, a play zone, and indoor and outdoor event spaces. Antique tractor displays will be located throughout the complex.


The JR Simplot Company Offices and JUMP project combined is a trans-formative project for downtown Boise. The new JR Simplot Company Offices building will significantly increase JR Simplot Company presence downtown as an employer and further establish downtown Boise as the headquarters of an international company with some 10,000 employees worldwide. JUMP creates a substantial amount of event space available to the public, increases open space downtown, connects the Pioneer Pathway all the way to downtown, and provides opportunities for education and enrichment, all in downtown Boise. The JR Simplot Company Offices and JUMP together will be valuable civic and economic assets for downtown Boise for years to come.

JUMP-Simplot footprint

CCDC is partnering with JR Simplot Company to construct public streetscape improvements along Front, Myrtle, 9th, and 11th streets as part of the project. The improved streetscapes will include approximately 2,300 linear feet of wide sidewalks with street trees, parkway landscaping on Front and Myrtle, and a new pedestrian signal on 9th at Broad. CCDC will reimburse Simplot for the cost of these improvements, estimated to be $900,000, from future tax increment revenue collected as a result of the project’s increased assessed value.



JR Simplot Company Offices

620 parking spaces (below grade)

Size: 9 stories; 334,000 square feet

Employment: 900

Estimated Value: $130M


115 parking spaces (above grade)

Size: 7 stories; 65,000 square feet

Estimated Value: $70M (tax exempt)