1101 Front Street - Pioneer Crossing

Pioneer Crossing Rendering

Previously known as Parcel B, Pioneer Crossing, is a proposed $50+ million mixed use development including a hotel, office building, parking garage with a partial office wrap (future home to the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce), and restaurant. This site has been vacant for many years, and was previously a rail yard when the railroad system connected downtown Boise with Nampa.

CCDC intends on purchasing 250 parking spaces of the 650 space garage as public parking upon project completion. CCDC’s purchase price is $5.4 million. Additionally, CCDC will reimburse the development for approximately $4 million in public improvement costs as part of a Type 3 Transformative Participation Program Agreement.

The structured public parking at Pioneer Crossing will consolidate parking facilities and allow what was a vacant lot used as surface parking to be developed into a mix of uses.  This contributes to the pedestrian experience with activity along the sidewalks and helps make downtown Boise a more vibrant place. By participating in this transformative project, CCDC is helping the Boise community thrive in a sustainable economy where an exceptional built environment and excellent business opportunities are in perfect balance.

- An artist's rendering of the layout of Pioneer Crossing. - - GARDNER COMPANY

CCDC Project Manager, Shellan Rodriguez, is managing the Pioneer Crossing Participation Agreement and Purchase Agreement.