Saving CC Anderson Building
Athlos Academies Partnership

An important building in Downtown Boise is being saved from the wrecking ball thanks to a unique, locally-founded private company serving the education sector, Athlos Academies. macys-bldg-pic-web-022012-bcThe charter school organization will transform the building into its new corporate headquarters and training facility.

Last fall, CCDC initiated conversations with the former building owner to explore redevelopment options for the CC Anderson Building, also known as Macy’s or the Bon Marche. When CCDC learned of the potential new owner and described use, wheels were set in motion to help save the building. In early March 2015, following a few weeks of negotiation and discussion, the board adopted Resolution #1383, approving and authorizing the execution of the Type 3 Participation Agreement with Athlos Academies for their project at 10th and Idaho.

AthlosAcademies_bucket1-640x426In February 2016, The CCDC Board of Commissioners approved the final Façade Plan. Especially exciting are the large street level windows that will frame the academies’ indoor, small-scale football field and basketball court used for teacher training. In addition to the façade, the Type 3 Agreement will also pay for other public improvements such as street trees, historic streetlights, planters, and benches.

The building was vacant for approximately five years prior to the current renovation and Athlos Academies’ corporate headquarters will bring people who would not otherwise come to downtown Boise for extended professional development sessions.

Shellan Rodriguez is the project manager for CCDC.