Streetscapes Standard Manual

The Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards & Specifications Manual outlines streetscape standards for new development and CCDC streetscape projects downtown. Recently, CCDC participated in an effort to both update these standards and transition their administration to the City of Boise’s Planning & Development Services (PDS) department. In addition to CCDC and City of Boise PDS, this effort involved a number of agency partners, including Ada County Highway District, Boise Community Forestry, Boise Fire Department, Boise Parking Services, Boise Public Works, Downtown Boise Association, Valley Regional Transit, and key utility providers downtown.

DCS_6973This update establishes streetscape type designations for the 30th Street “West End” Urban Renewal District, formalizes and establishes guidelines for the use of emerging technologies and best practices in Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), and revises current streetscape designations and specifications as appropriate. The inclusion of GSI, including Suspended Paving Systems, Permeable Pavers, Bio Retention Planters, and Curb Extensions in the manual will help to improve stormwater quality, reduce runoff, and promote a healthier and more extensive tree canopy in Downtown Boise. Some of these technologies have already been employed with CCDC streetscape projects, and this update provides a predictable framework to employ them to improve stormwater runoff, streetscape appearance and continuity, and tree growth in downtown.

The updated manual was formally adopted by the Boise City Council in April 2016, and will be incorporated as an attachment to the Boise Downtown Design Standards & Guidelines. This will allow PDS to take on the regulatory role for downtown streetscapes while CCDC focuses on promoting downtown development. While CCDC does not administer streetscape standards, a link to the manual is provided below. In the event of any discrepancy, this document is superseded by the official document on file with City of Boise PDS.

Link to the City of Boise’s Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards Manual


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Matt Edmond, is managing the project for CCDC.