119 Condos

Sawtooth Development is a real estate development firm based out of Ketchum, Idaho. They are constructing 26 luxury residences at 119 W. 10th Street, a previous surface parking lot. The project includes two levels of podium parking with 39 parking stalls and four levels of contemporary residential units above. The condominium project is designed with a focus on urban living and alternative transportation.

CCDC is participated in the project with a Type 1 Streetscape Grant reimbursing the developer  $150,000 for eligible expenses in the public right of way. The 119 has requested reimbursement for street trees, historic streetlights, street furnishings (bike racks and benches), sidewalks, landscaping, and sidewalk awnings.

In May of 2015, CCDC commissioned a study on housing, which reported a pent up demand for housing in downtown Boise. It states, “These positive findings from the market study emphasize the important role that CCDC’s strategic investments can play in attracting downtown development.” The 119 will provide the first for-sale downtown housing in an Urban Renewal District since 2008. CCDC is thrilled to help this first project as it breaks the ice for future housing projects in downtown.

The project total cost estimate is $7.4 million and the condos are were completed in December of 2016. The One Nineteen is the residential portion of a larger phased project which includes renovating the office and retail on Main and 10th streets. You can visit the project’s website here:

Shellan Rodriguez is the project manager for The 119 project.