The Avens
2742 W Fairview Ave

A Type 2 Participation Program Project that supports mixed-use housing in the 30th Street District with a focus on sustainability.


The Avens is a planned mixed-use development comprised of two connected buildings with a total of 187 residential units and approximately 10,000 square feet of commercial space. The project encompasses 1.9 acres at the northwest corner of Fairview Avenue and 27th Street and lies within the 30th Street Urban Renewal District.

The Avens, a mixed-use project by Boise-based developer Roundhouse, is comprised of two connected buildings and is located on the northwest corner of Fairview Avenue and 27th Street within the 30th Street Urban Renewal District. The two buildings are joined by an “ammenity bar” which includes a lobby, community room, co-working space, fitness center, spa, amenity deck, and sport courts. The southern building is six-stories and will have a 10,000 square foot childcare center on the ground floor with apartments above. On-site parking for the project includes 190 parking stalls on the first two stories of the northern building, with five-stories of apartments above.

The project will have 10,000 square feet of commercial space and 187 total residential units, with 20 studios, 103 1-bedrooms, and 64 2-bed units. The majority of these will be market rate rentals though eleven are reserved for low-income or very-low-income qualified residents. The project will be Passive House certified which, similar to a LEEDS certification, is an internationally recognized accreditation that utilizes high quality building materials, architectural features, and building design principles to deliver a level of energy efficiency not obtainable through typical building techniques. Ultimately, this results in a more comfortable environment for building residents and lower energy costs for the life of the project.

Project Partnership

The public improvements eligible for CCDC funding include the construction of a new leg of 28th Street connecting Main Street and Fairview Avenue along the western edge of the project site. Eligible expenses associated with this new street include the roadway itself, sidewalks, and streetscapes to include street trees, streetlights, suspended paving systems, and landscaping. Similar pedestrian and streetscape improvements will be installed along the existing frontages of Fairview Avenue and 27th Street. The combined road and streetscape costs estimated for all frontages are $1.1 million. Utility upgrades and expansion work includes upgrading and undergrounding power, new water, sewer, and fiber lines, and the relocation of a stormwater main. These new or expanded facilities are estimated to cost $1.3 million.

The northwest corner of the property is the planned site of a new sewer lift station, a key component of a future City of Boise Public Works Department project to upgrade the sewer infrastructure in the area. The Agency has identified this project in our Capital Improvement Plan and anticipates partnering with the City on this critical improvement in the coming months as it will be required to serve this project, as well as multiple other forthcoming projects in the immediate region. Roundhouse is in the process of dedicating the necessary easements and their planned sewer improvements in 28th Street will provide the connections to the south for neighboring properties to connect.


CCDC Project Manager, Kevin Holmes, is overseeing this project