The Gibson - 5th and Idaho Apartments

Project Rendering

The 5th and Idaho Apartments is $13 million mixed use project that includes approximately 79 apartments, 80 subterranean and ground level parking spaces, 3,000 square feet of retail, and a 3,600 square foot public park. The project is being developed by Clay Carley, Tim Gibson, Dean Pape and Peter Oliver. Architects GGLO designed the project and it was approved for permanent HUD financing.

In May 2016, the CCDC Board of Commissioners approved the Type 4 Public Private Partnership Participation Agreement for public improvements including a park and utility upgrades. Specifically, the agreement included up to $790,000 for construction and easement of an on-site park and under-grounding of overhead utilities along 5th Street and in the eastern portion of the alley between 5th and 6th Street, immediately adjacent to the development. Additionally, the Board approved a separate T1 Agreement for under-grounding utilities in the alley behind the Paulsen Building, immediately to the west of this development. Neither of these participation agreements included under-grounding of overhead utilities between the Paulsen Building and City Hall, or upgrade the existing asphalt surface in the alley beyond an asphalt patch back.

Project Rendering

The 5th & Idaho project broke ground in June 2017 and the contractor has completed under-grounding the utility lines in the alley between 5th & 6th, and along 5th street from Main Street to the alley between Idaho and Bannock. CCDC has reimbursed the developer for $260,000 to underground the utility lines located in the right-of-way. The remainder of the Type 4 agreement ($790,000) and Type 2 Agreement ($260,00) will be paid out at project completion for the public  park and streetscape improvements.



CCDC Project Manager, Shellan Rodriguez, is overseeing the 5th & Idaho Apartment project.

For information, please visit the Gibson Fifth and Idaho website.