Westside Downtown Urban Park


Project Location (click to enlarge)

A need was identified by the public in the City’s Downtown Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan for a public open space in this neighborhood. CCDC, in collaboration with The City of Boise and Eleven Eleven West Jefferson, LLC, have an opportunity to create this distinctive urban open space. The potential Westside Downtown Urban Park will provide a place for people to connect with the outdoors on a daily basis, serve as a hub for community events, and enhance the urban lifestyle of office workers, residents, shoppers and visitors to the west side of downtown.  The proposed project site was identified and the associated agreements were negotiated in response to a myriad of public interests. These public interests include:

  • Shifting land use is trending toward residential infill in this area. A public space within walking distance of these new downtown residents is needed.
  • 11th Street and Bannock Street are important bicycle corridors to which a public space with bicycle amentities would be beneficial.
  • CCDC-owned real estate within walking distance of the project site has potential for redevelopment of uses that will both complement and utilize this public park.
  • The park site is surrounded by surface parking lots that detract from downtown’s vibrancy, walkability, and economic vitality. Making this public investment will catalyze private investment in housing, dining, office, and neighborhood services next to and near the public park.
Potential Improvements (click to enlarge)

Fiscal Notes:

The total project budget for the Westside Downtown Urban Park (the “Westside Park”) is $3,030,000. This includes all planning, design, soft costs, and construction costs. CCDC’s FY2018 approved budget includes $2,000,000 for the Westside Park project. The City of Boise agrees to contribute $1,000,000 to the Westside Park project per the terms of the Type 4 Participation Agreement. Eleven Eleven West Jefferson LLC agrees to contribute $30,000 to the Westside Park project per the terms of the Master Development Agreement. The CCDC Board of Commissiners approved the Westside Downtown Urban Park Master Development Agreement at the June 11, 2018 meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Park design, public engagement, and construction
No ownership or operations

City of Boise Parks and Recreation
Park ownership, operation, and maintenance

Eleven Eleven West Jefferson, LLC
Parking lot ownership, operation, and maintenance


Public Process

A Public Open House was held on  Thursday, June 14th, from 5:00-7:30pm at Boise Plaza Entry Terrace at 1111 W Jefferson Street to gather input regarding preferred design concepts, amenities, and features. See the links below for the information presented:

Design Concepts
Virtual Tour Option #1
Virtual Tour Option #2



CCDC Senior Project Manager, Doug Woodruff, is overseeing this project.