Eco Art on 8th Street

Art-HeliotropeIn 2010, CCDC embarked on a concept planning process for 8th Street between Main Street and the Boise River. The purpose was to take a wholistic view of this important pedestrian-oriented street that runs from the State Capitol to the river and links together the downtown business core, 8th Street Café District, Grove Plaza, BoDo and the Cultural District. This process generated a variety of ideas about how to enhance this street to create a unique ambience, liveliness and synergy. One of the ideas that emerged was to invest in public art having an ecological focus.

Eco Art Heliotrope“Heliotrope,” proposed at the north entrance to Grove Plaza, will literally “green the Grove.” The project features a 16’ high steel structure that mimics the skeletal structure of a plant. It is heliocentric and composed of hyperparabolic (compound curvature) geometry. The trellis will be planted with a variety of vines and climbers providing seasonal effects. Four to six feet in diameter at its base, the canopy is elliptical in plan and asymmetrical to its base. The work shows relationships between geometry and natural plant forms, provides a habitable north gateway to the Grove Plaza, a comfortable microclimate, a respite from harsh sun, a partial shelter from rain or snow and a hanging garden that demonstrates stormwater reuse.