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30th Street URD Projects Update

March 18, 2020

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the 30th Street URD

Formed in December 2012, the 30th Street URD runs along 27th Street, Whitewater Park Boulevard and encompasses the West Main Street and Fairview Avenue corridor.


2403 Fairview Ave – Adare Manor – PP Type 2, 4
Northwest Integrity Housing Company’s affordable housing development, consisting of 134 apartments, is complete and actively leasing units. The combined participation agreement is for approximately $730,000 for public improvements adjacent to the development including streetscapes and utility work. This development is on ground leased from the City of Boise for forty years and was awarded to the developer through a competitive process. The majority of the apartments will be for families earning less than 60% of the area median income – about $44,000 per year for a family of four – with approximately 10% of the units offered at market rate. CCDC is working with developers on the cost documentation to process the reimbursement for public improvements.

301 29th St – Whittier Elementary School – PP Type 4
This project at Whittier Elementary is complete. CCDC conducted an on-site inspection and reviewed and approved all cost documentation required for reimbursement for Eligible Expenses per the Type 4 Agreement. Boise School District has been reimbursed $540,000 for expenses related to streetscapes, utilities, road reconstruction, and a public plaza space.

30th Street District – Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
In the event Agency funding is involved in the development of a sports park or related infrastructure, and it is located in the 30th Street District, it is likely that an amendment to the 30th Street Urban Renewal Plan would become necessary.