Capitol Boulevard Improvements
Boise River to Myrtle Street

Project Overview

Downtown Boise is experiencing significant growth, leading to changes in how people travel through the area and how public rights-of-way are utilized. Recognizing the evolving needs of our community, CCDC has initiated the Capitol Boulevard Streetscape Improvements Project to address these opportunities and elevate the downtown experience. This project is an integral part of our broader program dedicated to constructing streetscapes that foster a network of pedestrian-friendly streets and contribute to the unique identity of the downtown area.

Anticipated Improvements From the Boise River to Myrtle Street

Pedestrian Facility Upgrades:

  • Replacement of existing non-compliant facilities with ADA-compliant ones, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.
  • Construction of sidewalk bulbouts (curb extensions) at key locations to enhance pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • Creation of an enhanced crosswalk at Fulton Street, promoting seamless connectivity within the downtown area.

Streetscape Enhancements:

  • Select reconstruction of streetscapes compliant with the City of Boise’s Streetscape Standards, incorporating modern design elements.
  • Implementation of suspended pavement systems to improve durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Replacement of the irrigation system and street trees, contributing to a greener and more sustainable urban environment.
  • Installation of historic street lighting to preserve the character of Capitol Boulevard and create a visually appealing atmosphere.

Why this Project

The Capitol Boulevard Streetscape Improvements Project is driven by a commitment to adapt and enhance downtown spaces in response to the dynamic growth experienced by Boise. By investing in these enhancements, CCDC aims to create a more welcoming, functional, and visually appealing environment for residents, visitors, and businesses alike. The project aligns with our vision for a downtown that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of the community, fostering a sense of place and identity.

Project Timeline

  • Spring 2024: Final Design for Improvements Approved
  • Summer 2024:  Permitting
  • Summer/Fall 2024 – Winter/Spring 2025: Construction and project completion


CCDC project manager, Kassi Brown, is overseeing this project.