17th Street Interim Streetscape Improvements
Shoreline Drive to Cul-de-Sac



Coinciding with the Boise Police Department’s 2020 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment, CCDC completed the 17th Street Reinvestment Study to evaluate and prioritize public infrastructure investment within the 17th Street neighborhood and Shoreline Urban Renewal District. Findings of both studies identified 17th Street as a priority corridor to improve public safety through street improvements and activated neighborhood standards.


About the Project

The 17th Street Interim Streetscape Improvements Project will include pedestrian improvements to address the current gaps in sidewalk, replace non-ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, and install additional overhead lighting on 17th Street between Shoreline Drive and the east end of 17th Street (cul-de-sac).  The goal of this effort is to improve safety and mobility within the public right-of-way on 17th Street and provide the City of Boise with infrastructure to better manage on-street parking.

Construction of the improvements will begin in May 2024 and will be completed by LaRiviere, Inc.


CCDC Project Manager, Kassi Brown, is overseeing this project.

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