101 S. 27th Street
KDP Headquarters

A Type 1 Participation Program Project to assist with streetscape improvements that improves pedestrian comfort, connectivity, and safety when traveling 27th Street.

Photo by Sightline Photography


101 S. 27th St. was purchased by West End Holdings, LLC in December 2021 as part of their strategic plan for significant investment into the Boise market. With ownership in common with KDP Certified Public Accountants, LLP, West End Holdings, LLC completed the merger with Whittaker and Associates of Garden City, purchased the 27th Street property, and began remodeling the building in September 2022. This location will serve as the new KDP corporate headquarters, occupying roughly 65 percent of the newly renovated Class A office and Berkshire Hathaway Realtors, bringing 50 professionals to the West End neighborhood daily.

Building improvements include structural and roof repairs, electrical upgrades, new ADA restrooms, and adding conference rooms.

Project Partnership

The City of Boise’s Design Review approval required that seven streetlights be added to the building perimeter but did not require the building of the missing sidewalk on Main Street. West End Holdings, LLC applied for Agency assistance with the streetlights. By introducing the Agency’s Type 1 One-Time Assistance Program, West End Holdings, LLC, and the Agency then collaborated on additional streetscape enhancements to eliminate overgrown shrubs and provide pedestrian connectivity on Main Street. West End Holdings, LLC expanded the project to add an 8-foot-wide concrete sidewalk along Main Street, bio-retention planters, five new trees, and additional landscaping. The streetlights are incorporated and will illuminate the sidewalks.

In addition to the updated building, these streetscape upgrades will improve the corner of 27th & Main Streets by meeting the neighborhood streetscape standards. The overgrown landscape will be removed, and the new sidewalk will establish a vital pedestrian connection.

Total development costs are estimated at $5.8 million, with eligible expenses estimated to be $226,482. The final estimate included in the agreement will set the not-to-exceed amount for reimbursement per the Type 1 Participation Program policy at $200,000

Project Summary

  • Located on the corner of 27th and Main Streets
  • 17,160 square foot tenant improvement into Class A office space
  • Streetscape improvements, including new sidewalk along Main Street
  • Improved walkability and safety within the West End neighborhood
  • $5,750,000 estimated total development costs
  • $226,482 estimated eligible expenses


Kassi Brown is the CCDC Project Manager for this project.