Rebuild 11th Street Blocks

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Celebrating the Successful Completion of 11th Street

We are happy to announce the completion of the final block of improvements between Jefferson and State Streets, which concludes CCDC’s Rebuild 11th Street effort. We appreciate your patience and support during the construction of Rebuild 11th Street. A big thank you goes out to project partners McAlvain Construction, design team led by Jensen Belts Associates, and ACHD and the City of Boise for their collaboration on this project.

Rebuild 11th Street brought a host of improvements for people arriving by foot, bicycle or vehicle, including improved streetscapes with additional trees and lighting, roadway reconstruction, an all-ages, all-abilities protected bikeway stretching from State Street to River Street, protected crosswalks at high-use intersections, maintained on-street parking, more sidewalk space and the replacement of an outdated underground canal structure. In all, Rebuild 11th Street accomplished the following:

  • 1,765 cubic yards of concrete roadway
  • 2,170 tons of asphalt paving
  • Installation of 5100’ of protected bike lane
  • Installation of new concrete sidewalks with added amenities on 9 block faces
  • 45 new streetlights installed
  • 71 new trees planted
  • Replacement of 86’ of aging irrigation canal north of Main Street
  • Undergrounding overhead utilities in 4 blocks
  • Coordination with Veolia to upgrade 2250′ of aging water lines

We hope you enjoy a renewed 11th Street!


Project Background

From concepts to creation, Capital City Development Corp. (CCDC) is fulfilling our community’s expressed desire for an 11th Street that is safer and more convenient for all users to access restaurants, entertainment, and open spaces.

CCDC is undertaking several large-scale projects originating from a multi-year planning effort between Ada County Highway District (ACHD), the City of Boise, and CCDC. By taking a coordinated approach to what would be multiple projects, Rebuild 11th Street reduces disruption to downtown daily life and minimizes delays.

This project will complete necessary and anticipated roadway reconstruction and replace underground Boise City Canal structures dating back to the 1950s on behalf of ACHD and the Canal District. It makes long-envisioned bicycle improvements with an all-ages, all-abilities protected bikeway from State Street to River Street and improves streetscapes where needed to support economic vitality and increase connectivity in our downtown.

A number of notable projects are located along or adjacent to 11th Street, including the new Cherie Buckner-Webb Park, the upcoming Block 68 Catalytic Development Project on State Street, and improvements to the Linen Blocks on Grove Street.

Frequently Asked Project Questions

What is the goal of Rebuild 11th Street Blocks?

The goal for this project is to make planned improvements to the street, sidewalks, and intersections that provide safer, less congested travel options, a more comfortable experience, and expanded access to businesses whether arriving by foot, bicycle, or vehicle.

Why 11th Street for a bikeway?

The City Comprehensive Plan and the City’s Transportation Action Plan recognize the importance of and support better neighborhood connectivity. Support for new bicycle infrastructure that is accessible to all ages and abilities comes not only from City planning, but numerous neighborhood plans, which prioritize a more robust, dedicated bike facility connecting downtown with the foothills and the Boise River. A survey conducted in November 2018 by ACHD found that 92% of respondents supported a bikeway on 11th Street, with many respondents requesting an improved bikeway through downtown

ACHD anticipates construction to begin end of April and finish October of 2022.

Will I be able to access businesses during construction?

Yes! Throughout the phases of construction, the project team will ensure that businesses are accessible with ample detour signage and construction safety barriers. Additionally, the team will work to limit noise, dust and disruption as much as possible during business hours.

What are streetscapes?

Streetscapes refer to the design of our urban public right-of-ways including sidewalks, streets and crossings. This project will make improvements such as increased lighting and street trees, added furnishings like bike racks, planters, and trash receptacles, and expanded sidewalks. All these enhancements create an attractive and inviting neighborhood and can help spur local economic activity.

What are the intersection safety improvements?

An important component of Rebuild 11th Street Blocks are strategic changes to high-use intersections in order to reduce conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.

These treatments include raised median islands at Myrtle Street and Front Street that provide physical protection for pedestrians and cyclists while beginning to cross and slows the speed of turning motor vehicle traffic. The intersections of 11th and Myrtle, 11th and Front, and 11th and State Street also will receive signal adjustments by ACHD to provide a Leading Bicycle/Pedestrian Interval (LBI/LPI), which allows walkers and bikers to start crossing before the motor vehicle green light, increasing their visibility and decreasing the risk of conflicts with turning vehicles.

All intersections will have green “ladder striping” on the roadway, similar to a pedestrian crosswalk but for bikes, which provides a high visibility path for cyclists through the intersection. Pedestrian ramps are being realigned and brought into ADA compliance where needed. The 11th and Grove Street intersection will have expanded curb and sidewalk areas called “bulb-outs”, which reduces the crossing distance and exposure for people walking and biking, and helps slow motor vehicle speeds.

How can I stay involved or informed? 

If you have specific questions or concerns, you can contact CCDC Project Manager Amy Fimbel. If you would like to receive regular construction and road impact updates, signup for our Rebuild 11th Street emails.

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