Rebuild Linen Blocks on Grove Street

Community-driven infrastructure and placemaking improvements that support economic vitality and a stronger, more connected neighborhood.

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Construction Status for March 17 through March 24

Crews will tie into the existing storm drain at 10th St and continue with the installation  just north of Grove St on 10th St.  Veolia will continue the water line installation, progressing towards 12th St.

Vehicle Access:

  • There will be a full street closure on Grove St from 9th St to 12th St, with the 10th St intersection open to vehicles, and on 11th St from Main St to Front St with local access open.
  • Businesses on Grove St between 11th St and 12th will be able to exit the alley onto Grove St and head westbound, but alley access off of 11th St will be closed.
  • Access to the One Nineteen Condominiums will remain open from 10th St.
  • The Car Park lot at 1000 W. Front St will be accessible via 10th St only.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Detours:

  • Pedestrian detours will be changing frequently due to the nature of the work occurring.  Please follow the detour signs in place and pay close attention to your surroundings.
  • Cyclists will be detoured to alternate bike lane routes on 15th St, 16th St, Jefferson St and River St.

About the Project

The Linen Blocks on Grove Street, between 10th and 16th Streets, is uniquely situated between downtown Boise and surrounding neighborhoods to the west. The area has experienced two distinct transitions from its industrial roots. It has evolved from a working class, industrial neighborhood, to an automotive focused corridor with gas stations and repair shops some of which are still present today. Now the district is distinguished by its eclectic mix of local businesses, artists, shops, and sidewalk cafes on the west end of Grove, and numerous new developments on its east end.

Capital City Development Corp. (CCDC) is continuing this evolution by fulfilling our community’s expressed desire for improvements and enhancements along Grove Street that will foster the existing energy, while also paying homage to the area’s history. The project will make large-scale improvements to the streetscapes by adding trees and native plantings, improving and widening sidewalks, and incorporating public art. This will create a more comfortable experience for diners, visitors, and customers.

The project will also make improvements to the roadway while reallocating space to accommodate an all-ages, all-abilities protected bikeway. These improvements will better connect the Linen Blocks and surrounding neighborhoods to downtown, while increasing customer access to businesses on Grove Street whether they arrive by foot, bike, or vehicle.


For project specific questions, concerns, please contact CCDC Project Manager Amy Fimbel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Rebuild Linen Blocks on Grove Street?

The primary goal for this construction project is to make improvements to the street, intersections, and decades-old sidewalks to provide safer, less congested travel options for customers. Through these improvements, Rebuild Linen Blocks on Grove Street intends to maintain and support the existing character of the area. The addition of continuous and distinct streetscapes and placemaking elements will build off this existing energy and better connect the area to downtown, while paying homage to the area’s history.

Why are you making these updates to Grove Street?

Grove Street between 10th and 16th Streets remains one of the last unimproved streets in downtown Boise. Currently, sidewalks, on-street parking, streetscapes, and bike facilities are inconsistent and don’t provide a safe, comfortable experience for users. CCDC identified Grove Street as an area where public improvements could greatly enhance an already unique and successful area.

Additionally, ACHD identified the roadway along Grove Street as needing repairs. The two agencies formed inter-agency partnership enabling CCDC to make the roadway improvements along Grove Street through a single contractor. By combining these various projects into one effort, we reduce the impact to surrounding businesses.

Will I be able to access businesses during construction?

Yes! Throughout the phases of construction, the project team will ensure that businesses are accessible with ample detour signage and construction safety barriers. Additionally, the team will work to limit noise, dust and disruption as much as possible during business hours.

What are the improvements CCDC is making on Grove Street?
  • Improvements to the street, intersections, and decades-old sidewalks to provide safer, less congested travel options for customers.
  • CCDC is reallocating space in the street to build an all-ages, all-abilities protected bikeway. Grove Street is a key connection in the City’s low-stress bicycle network and enhancing the bike facilities will better connect surrounding neighborhoods to downtown.
  • Continuous and distinct streetscapes and placemaking elements will build off this existing energy and better connect the area to downtown, while paying homage to the area’s history.
What are streetscapes?

Streetscapes refer to the design of our urban public right-of-ways including sidewalks, streets and crossings. This project will make improvements such as increased lighting and street trees, added furnishings like bike racks, planters, and trash receptacles, and expanded sidewalks. All these enhancements create an attractive and inviting neighborhood and can help spur local economic activity.

How can I stay involved or informed? 

If you have specific questions or concerns, you can contact CCDC Project Manager Amy Fimbel. If you would like to receive regular construction and road impact updates, signup for our Rebuild Linen Blocks on Grove Street emails.

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