CW Moore Park Improvements
Type 4 Partnership with Boise Parks


A Type 4 Participation Program Project to rejuvenate a historic downtown park.


CW Moore Park is one of Boise’s oldest parks. Originally built in the 1930s as a play and gathering space for local families, CW Moore Park was rejuvenated in the 1980s, including additions of architectural relics and features that pay homage to Boise history and the park itself. Located at the northeast corner of 5th Street and Grove Street intersection, the park shares the block with the CW Moore Apartments.

Improving CW Moore Park is an important part of a community driven vision for the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street. The community recommends: installing a new play structure, reorienting the park toward Grove Street to create more space for events, and resurface the hardscape to improve access.

Project Partnership

City of Boise requested financial assistance from CCDC to reimburse up to $350,000 for park improvements. Under this potential agreement, the City will contribute a dollar-for-dollar match and any costs beyond CCDC’s maximum reimbursement amount. Projects eligible for Type 4 Participation are generally identified in the adopted CCDC Capital Improvement Plan.

Further public outreach is underway to finalize the design and project scope by spring 2024.  The City aims to begin construction in fall 2024.


Karl Woods, Senior Project Manager, is overseeing the project.

Project Resources

Images & Graphics
Schematic design of a potential play structure
Back-view of play structure
Side-view of play structure
Aerial view of play structure