1522 W. State St.
16th & State

A Type 2 Participation Program Project to assist with streetscape improvements that improves pedestrian comfort, connectivity, and safety when traveling along State Street.


The 16th & State mixed-use development is a seven-story building with 104 residential units and approximately 1,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space, developed by Johnson & Carr, Inc., a Seattle-based developer focusing on providing workforce housing. The project is in the Westside Urban Renewal District on 0.36 acres at the northeast corner of 16th and State Streets.

The project will have 104 studio units providing workforce housing near the downtown core and within walking distance of various amenities and services. Nearly all the units will be at rent levels below 100% Area Median Income (AMI), and 11 units will be income qualified for six years at 100% AMI or less, meeting the Participation Program definition requirements for Workforce Housing.

Project Partnership

The public improvements eligible for CCDC funding include streetscape improvements along 16th and State Streets, resulting in a drastic improvement over the previous conditions, which consisted of significant curb cuts and deteriorating attached sidewalks.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Eight-foot-wide detached sidewalks.
  • Large street-level canopies provide weather protection.
  • Five street trees.
  • Three historic streetlights.
  • Silva cells.
  • Bioretention planters.

The combined streetscape costs estimated for all frontages are estimated at $386,211. Utility upgrades include relocating and upgrading fire lines and improvements related to stormwater management along both streets. A public pedestrian and bike connection is also being established along the north of the property with the dedication of a permanent public easement. This, combined with the utility work, is estimated to cost $271,444. Therefore, the total estimated eligible expenses for this work is $657,655.  

Project Summary

  • 1522 W. State Street
  • 104 studio units
  • 11 income-restricted units at 100% AMI and below
  • 1,600 square feet of ground floor retail
  • $23 million Total Development Costs
  • $657,655 Estimated Eligible Expenses


For specific project questions, please contact CCDC Project Manager Corrie Brending.