210 W Main St
U.S. Assay Office Pathway and Landscaping

A Type 1 Participation Program Project to support public open space improvements.

210 W Main Street – U.S. Assay Office



The U.S. Assay Office Pathway and Landscaping project, located at 210 W Main St, will improve the landscaping and grounds of an existing public open space owned by the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS).

The 1.79-acre property in the River-Myrtle/Old Boise Urban Renewal District consists of a full city block bounded by 2nd and 3rd Streets to the east and west and Idaho and Main Streets to the north and south. At the center of the property is the Assay Office, a designated National Historic Landmark built in 1871. This building currently houses the State Historical Preservation Office and the Archaeological Survey of Idaho. The surrounding grounds are open to public-use and serve as a park and open space for neighboring residents, downtown workers, and nearby childcare centers

This multi-phase project will restore the landscaping on the lot to match the historic blueprints and photos of the 1920’s and 1930’s. In addition to the landscape work, installation of an interpretive pathway, with shaded seating areas, will enhance this public open space. Interpretative signs along the pathway will engage visitors with historic facts about the use of the land from indigenous people to present day and the significance of the building’s architecture.

The project is being led by the Foundation for Idaho History (FIH), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which serves as the fundraising, fund management, and endowment organization that supports and promotes Idaho history through the work of the Idaho State Historical Society, a state agency. At the request of ISHS, FIH began raising funds in 2021, and as of April 2022, $100,000 of private funds have been raised.

Project Partnership

CCDC will partner with FIH on public improvements to the outdoor open space, which include interpretive signs, benches, pet waste stations, the replacement of the existing irrigation system, over 200 plantings, and 20 trees. To improve the safety and comfort of those using the sidewalk, 13 of these trees will be planted along 3rd Street and Main Street in the public right-of-way.

This project aligns with the goals of the River Myrtle/Old Boise District by improving the largest park-like public space in this area for downtown residents and employees, adding to the livability of downtown and honoring our City’s history through the new interpretive pathway.

Project Summary

  • 210 W Main St
  • Pathway, interpretive elements, and landscaping improvements to public open space and streetscapes
  • Approximately $230,250 in total development costs
  • Approximately $115,125 in reimbursement for public improvements


CCDC Project Manager Kassi Brown is overseeing this project.

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