Eisenman Road
Pedestrian Improvements

Pedestrian infrastructure improvements to support increased safety and connectivity for pedestrians in the area.


Eisenman Road is an essential north-south link between Gowen Road and Lake Hazel Road in the Gateway East Urban Renewal District. This two-mile corridor serves various purposes, including supporting industries and businesses in the area and connecting residents to destinations across the valley. However, the current state of Eisenman Road has uncovered safety concerns nearby residents shared.

There was an expressed need for a pedestrian pathway along the Blue Valley Mobile Home Park frontage to improve safety for pedestrians traveling between Blue Sage Lane and Blue Valley Lane, particularly for students accessing the school bus service.

In collaboration with the South Eisenman Neighborhood Association and the City of Boise, Capital City Development Corp. (CCDC) hired a civil engineer consultant to study and design pedestrian and lighting improvements to address the neighborhood’s safety concerns. In May 2022, the consultant, Civil Survey Consultants, provided the final, preferred design for improvements to CCDC, and in August 2023, Ada County Highway District (ACHD) approved the project for construction.

About the Project

The final design includes a quarter-mile-long pedestrian pathway along Eisenman Road. The protected, five-foot-wide asphalt pathway will run from East Blue Valley Lane to East Blue Sage Lane. A new retaining wall with a railing at Five Mile Creek, where the pathway meets with the canal, will further enhance pedestrian safety. Additionally, in the Spring of 2022, CCDC installed three overhead lights at the intersections of Blue Valley Lane, Blue Lake Lane, and Blue Sage Lane to improve nighttime visibility.

Construction of the pathway and improvements will begin in March 2024 and will be completed by Sunnyridge Construction.


Kassi Brown is the CCDC Project Manager for this project.


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