Block 68
Catalytic Redevelopment Project

Property disposition project to transform multiple parcels in the Westside Urban Renewal District by developing affordable housing, prioritizing existing neighborhood character, and stimulating mobility initiatives.


Block 68 of Boise’s original town site is bounded by State Street, 10th Street, Jefferson Street, and 11th Street and is located within the Westside Urban Renewal District.  In 2002, the City adopted the Westside Urban Renewal Plan, which envisions a thriving neighborhood full of businesses and residences.  The lack of public infrastructure necessary to support the envisioned mixed-use downtown neighborhood has, in large part, stifled redevelopment of the underutilized parcels in the area.

Early conversations with the business community and neighboring property owners helped CCDC identify the type of public investments and private development that would catalyze the transformation desired on and around Block 68. In 2018, CCDC acquired 1010 W Jefferson Street and 421 N 10th Street–two of the four parcels located on Block 68—for the purposes of redevelopment. The primary objectives of CCDC’s efforts include:

  • Develop housing that fills gaps unmet by the private market and expand the opportunity for our active workforce to secure housing for themselves and their families
  • Make it easier for residents to bus, bike and walk to surrounding services and amenities by making public infrastructure improvements
  • Elevate the architecture of Boise’s urban fabric and strengthen our community’s identity
  • Provide economically diverse housing opportunities to Boise’s active workforce within the regional employment center to expand opportunity in Boise’s economy, reduce demands on transportation infrastructure and further the City’s long-term sustainability
  • Catalyze redevelopment and private investment on Block 68 and the surrounding underutilized properties.

Project Partnership

In 2021, the Agency issued a Request for Proposal seeking a development partner to bring about Block 68’s goal of delivering attainable housing to the Boise community as quickly as possible. The Agency selected Edlen & Company as the most qualified respondent in December 2021 and thereafter began negotiating the development partnership.

The Block 68 Redevelopment Project is a part of and coordinates with a larger neighborhood-wide revitalization effort, which includes redevelopment on Blocks 68, 69 and 79 and the future construction of a new Downtown YMCA facility. Edlen & Company and deChase Miksis, leads each of these separate but coordinating projects through a multi-phase development plan.

About the Development

Block 68 would feature a residential, mixed-use tower and Mobility Hub.
Block 69, pictured here, is planned to have a seven-story mixed income residential building.

The Block 68 Catalytic Redevelopment Project with CCDC’s support and involvement is in the initial phase of Edlen & Company’s development plan and includes:

  • A mixed-use residential tower with a variety of unit sizes and styles to accommodate a diversity of residents at varying price points. The building also comprises parking and mobility infrastructure, health services, and childcare.
  • A new ParkBOI public parking garage with joint ownership and shared public use. The Mobility Hub consolidates surface parking, which enables surrounding properties to redevelop while providing more opportunities for the public and residents to park. The Mobility Hub will serve to reduce the burden of parking on housing costs and to accelerate the delivery of housing to the growing community.
  • A seven-story building of workforce housing planned for Block 69 North, which expands housing options for downtown’s growing workforce. This development, and future projects, will be possible through a land exchange between the YMCA and CCDC, initiating a quicker transition to construction. The consolidation of the north half of Block 68 into YMCA ownership is an additional catalytic outside of this development for the forthcoming Downtown YMCA Facility.
  • Future reimbursements for public infrastructure improvements in coordination with the current Rebuild 11th Street project. This would streamline construction efforts to avoid duplication of work and schedule conflicts.

Through a series of development agreements CCDC will assist in the Block 68 project by participating in land and public infrastructure improvements to make the project feasible; an equal-value land exchange directly between the YMCA and CCDC; and a shared-use parking garage and mobility hub that will operate as part of CCDC’s ParkBOI public parking system. A final development partnership will be finalized in late 2022, with anticipated construction beginning late 2023


CCDC Development Director, Doug Woodruff, is overseeing this project.

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