951 E Gowen
Red River


A Type 2 Participation Program Project that promotes CCDC and City objectives to diversify and grow Boise’s economy by promoting industrial development in Gateway East.

Project Rendering


Red River Logistics and Commerce Centers will consist of nearly 1.3 million square feet of Class A industrial space designed to accommodate a wide range of uses, including distribution, manufacturing, office, R&D, warehouse, storage, and other industrial uses in the Gateway East District. Red River Logistics Center LLC and Red River Commerce Center LLC are special-purpose entities created to develop these sites under the overall project from Flint Development, a commercial real estate firm based in Kansas City. The firm specializes in industrial and commercial development across the United States. The project contemplates concurrent development on two sites, one addressed at 951 E Gowen Road (the “Logistics Center”) and one at 7031 S Eisenman Road (the “Commerce Center”). The Logistics Center will include ~901,000 square feet, 456 parking spaces, and trailer parking, while the Commerce Center will include three buildings totaling ~380,000 square feet, 289 parking spaces, and trailer parking. Total development costs are estimated at $142.6 million. The developer estimates that 486 construction jobs and 640 permanent jobs will be created through the project.

Project Partnership

Flint Development has requested CCDC assistance under the Type 2 Program for the nearly $4 million of public utility and streetscape improvements planned for the project. Approximately 97% of these costs are for the extension of Production Street, which is one of the infrastructure projects listed in the Gateway East Plan and will provide connectivity to parcels previously inaccessible by public right of way. This street extension will also increase the feasibility of the development of surrounding vacant parcels lacking right-of-way access.

Project Summary

  • 951 E Gowen Rd & 7031 S Eisenman Rd
  • 120 acres
  • Approximately 1.3 million square feet Class A industrial space
  • Approximately $142.6 million in total Development Costs
  • Approximately $3.6million in Estimated Eligible Expenses
  • 486 estimated construction jobs
  • 640 estimated permanent jobs with estimated $45,000 median salary

Project Resources