Fulton Street
Improvements Project

A streetscape enhancement project to improve mobility, enhance business opportunities, and further activate an underutilized area of downtown Boise. 

On the left, the current conditions of Fulton Street. On the right, a rendering of future design.



Fulton Street remains one of the last unimproved streets in downtown Boise. The street has not seen the consistent or comprehensive improvements that most of the downtown core has experienced over the last 20 years. Portions of the street currently lack ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities and streetscape infrastructure and an inconsistent and confusing mix of parking configurations. This not only presents a barrier to pedestrian mobility but also creates safety concerns and prevents the area from realizing its full, active potential.  Fulton Street holds the possibility to become a thriving public destination with safe and comfortable street infrastructure that supports local businesses as well as local arts and cultural organizations.

Throughout 2022, CCDC worked with design consultant, The Land Group to gather information and public feedback and ultimately create a new design to improve Fulton Street. A Concept Alternative Design Analysis with public outreach was conducted in early 2022, and the Boise City Council adopted a preferred concept that would ultimately be constructed along Fulton Street.

About the Project

The Fulton Street Improvements project will provide a variety of amenities and upgrades to benefit the downtown community. This project focuses on streetscape enhancements along the section between 9th Street and Capitol Boulevard, bringing about notable improvements to the area. The project will entail widened sidewalks, providing pedestrians with increased space to navigate and enjoy the urban environment. Additionally, expanded tree canopies will offer shade and a greener atmosphere. Notably, fiber optic upgrades will be implemented, ensuring improved internet connectivity throughout the area. The project also includes full right-of-way repaving, resulting in a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing thoroughfare. Construction is currently in progress by Idaho Site Works, LLC.


For specific project questions or concerns, please contact CCDC Project Manager Kassi Brown.

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