Fulton Street
Improvements Project

A streetscape enhancement project to improve mobility, enhance business opportunities and activate this underutilized area.



Fulton Street remains one of the last unimproved streets in downtown Boise. The street has not seen consistent or comprehensive improvements that most of the downtown core has experienced over the last 20 years. Portions of the street currently lack ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities and streetscape infrastructure, and the street exhibits a variety of parking configurations.  This not only presents a barrier to pedestrian mobility, it creates safety concerns and prevents the area from realizing its full, active potential.  Fulton Street, however, holds the possibility to become a thriving public destination which provides safe and comfortable street infrastructure, supports local businesses as well as local arts and cultural organizations and helps establish the identity of the area.

Project Partnership

CCDC is uniquely positioned to collaborate with the City of Boise and Ada County Highway District (ACHD) in support of their strategic objectives by improving the Fulton corridor.  Through this effort, CCDC will engage partner agencies and the public to confirm objectives and design intent for Fulton Street with the goal of developing a project that:

  • Enhances pedestrian safety and mobility
  • Activates this underutilized area
  • Celebrates the area’s history and culture
  • Supports adjacent land uses and planned redevelopment
  • Incentivizes future private investment

Public Process

A Concept Alternative Design Analysis with public outreach was conducted in early 2022 and the Boise City Council adopted a preferred concept for implementation in April 2022.

In May 2022, the CCDC Board approved a final design contract with The Land Group to complete the design of the preferred alternative.  The design team will refining the design over the remainder of 2022 and construction is anticipated to begin spring of 2023.

The project was approved in Design Review at the City of Boise in October of 2022.

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