5th & 6th Streets
Roadway Improvements

5th Street looking north.

Project History

In 2013, ACHD created the Downtown Boise Implementation Plan (DBIP), which included a comprehensive set of public right-of-way improvements throughout downtown Boise. This plan focused on pavement maintenance, streetscape enhancements through partnerships with CCDC, and the conversion of one-way streets to two-way streets.

In 2016, ACHD conducted the 5th and 6th Street Two-Way Feasibility Study, which determined the conversion of these corridors to two-way vehicle travel was feasible. After a Partial Two-Way Conversion design was adopted by ACHD in 2017, the project was tabled, and ACHD funding for the conversion and roadway improvements was reallocated.

In August 2021, the City of Boise submitted a request for ACHD to fund and complete the roadway improvement project, including the partial two-way conversion, with increased financial support from CCDC.

Collaboration ensued among the three agencies. After reevaluation of the roadway and streetscape conditions, it was determined that pavement maintenance improvements originally listed in the DBIP plan were now necessary. In December 2022, ACHD and CCDC entered into an Interagency Cost Share Agreement for multiple improvements, one of which could be the two-way conversion pending approval from ITD and the State of Idaho.

Project Description

The 5th and 6th Street Roadway Improvements Project originates from the 2013 DBIP plan. The two streets are now in need of multiple improvements and enhancements to maintain the comfort and safety of downtown travelers, whether by vehicle, bike, or on foot. The project aims to enhance these corridors, focusing on the following key aspects:

Pavement Reconstruction: The project includes the construction of new concrete and asphalt roadway pavement.

Stormwater Facilities: This will address drainage issues and ensure the efficient management of stormwater within the corridor. Green Stormwater Infrastructure features such as suspended paving systems and permeable paver systems are anticipated at key locations.

Pedestrian Facilities: Improving pedestrian safety is a priority. The project includes replacing existing non-ADA-compliant facilities and constructing sidewalk bulb-outs (curb extensions) at key locations to enhance pedestrian visibility, shorten the pedestrian crossing distance, calm traffic, and improve safety.

Streetscape Enhancements: The project will feature selective reconstruction of streetscapes compliant with the City of Boise’s Streetscape Standards, including suspended pavement systems, which support environmentally friendly stormwater management. Additionally, the project includes the replacement of irrigation systems, street trees, and the installation of historic light poles.

One-Way to Two-Way Traffic Conversion: Pending approval by ITD and the State of Idaho, the project may involve the modification of existing signal infrastructure, pavement markings, and signage to allow for two-way vehicle travel on 5th and 6th Streets.

Funding and Responsibilities

The 5th and 6th Street Corridor Improvement Project is a partnership between ACHD and CCDC, as detailed in an Interagency Agreement. Generally, CCDC is responsible for funding streetscape upgrades and two-way conversion work within the River Myrtle/Old Boise Urban Renewal District, while ACHD is responsible for funding pavement reconstruction and stormwater improvements throughout both corridors as well as two-way conversion work outside of this Urban Renewal District.

This project represents a significant step towards revitalizing the 5th and 6th Street corridors, offering a safer, more accessible, and visually appealing urban environment.

Project Milestones

December 2022: ACHD and CCDC entered into an Interagency Cost Share Agreement for the project.
January 2023: CCDC executed a final design task order with Kittelson & Associates.
June 2023: CCDC submitted ITD-requested traffic analysis to ITD.
August 2023: 75% Design Plans Completed.
October 2023: 95% Design Plans Completed.
November 2023: Construction Manager/General Contractor selected.

Anticipated Milestones

January 2024: 100% Design Plans Complete.
Early Spring 2024: Bidding.
Late Spring 2024: Construction Begins.
Late Summer 2025: Construction Complete.

For more information and updates on the 5th and 6th Street Corridor Improvement Project, please stay tuned to this page. We look forward to enhancing the urban landscape and accessibility for the Boise community.


Zach Piepmeyer, CCDC Parking & Mobility Director, is overseeing this project.