Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street

A collaborative, community effort to create a shared vision for the future of the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street and coordinated public and private investments to achieve that vision. 


The Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street hold unique characteristics and history, contain several parcels that have been redeveloped or have a high potential for redevelopment, and include property owners and neighbors supportive of investments that will transform the area. The area also offers critical linkages to increase mobility throughout downtown, attract more economic activity, and provide needed infrastructure such as gathering spaces, parking, retail and housing. Creating a collaborative, community-supported vision for the area is a driver in the overall placemaking and reinvestment strategy, helping kick-off a modern-day transformation of Grove Street in the Old Boise Blocks.

The Old Boise Blocks Reinvestment and Visioning project looked at these eight city blocks along the east end of Grove Street, adjacent to Boise’s downtown core, with focus given to Grove Street itself between 3rd and 5th Street. Through an inclusive process, CCDC created opportunities for property owners, stakeholders and the general public to articulate a coherent, collaborative vision for the redevelopment of this unique area. The intent of the vision and process was to:

1. Identify community needs and how they could be met in this area

2. Bring forward and recognize ways to incorporate the area’s history and culture

3. Help direct public investments

4. Influence and inspire private development.

Upon completion, the Visioning report made specific recommendations for projects and improvements in the area that would help realize the shared community vision for the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street.

Public Process

In the first project phase, which began in June 2020, project stakeholders convened for a series of initial visioning conversations to share information and background about the project area and to discuss ideas and goals for the area.

In the second phase, the visioning process expanded to the general public and additional key stakeholders.

In the final phase, feedback and input was summarized and packaged into a Vision Report to be incorporated into further steps of the placemaking and redevelopment strategy.

Design Process

CCDC hired an urban space design team in February of 2021 to further one of the recommendations of the Vision Report; streetscape improvements from 6th Street to 3rd Street. The team was tasked with translating the vision into a schematic design for infrastructure improvements. The design team worked with the stakeholder group through a series of workshops to build consensus around a design in the first half of 2021.

The design team has been working with Agency Partners to solidify the schematic design, which is currently in the design review process with the City of Boise. Design review approval is anticipated by summer 2022, with construction documents following.

Projects within the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street

A collection of projects from both public and private efforts are underway or complete within the Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street project area. These projects support the Visioning and Reinvestment Report Recommendations.

CW Moore Park Improvements – The Board approved the project for designation in March, 2022. Staff has been preparing the final agreement for approval in June. City of Boise, Parks and Recreation is anticipating starting public meetings in September 2022, with construction planned for 2023.

 The Lucy and Thomas Logan Apartments – Through CCDC’s development assistance program, private investment was augmented to help the private development community realize The Lucy and Thomas Logan apartments.

Boise City Canal Pathway – 3rd Street to Broadway – CCDC has initiated preliminary discussions with property owners and agency partners and is developing an RFQ for design-related services.  Consultant selection and design work anticipated to begin summer 2022.


For project specific questions, concerns, or to share your ideas for Grove Street in the Old Boise Blocks, please contact CCDC Project Manager Karl Woods.

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