1744 W Main Street
West End Food Hub

A Type 1 Participation Program Project to renovate an existing vacant building and provide an innovative working space for local businesses.


The West End Food Hub project is an interior and exterior renovation of an existing vacant building located in the Westside District at 1744 West Main Street. Los Angeles based developer group 1744-1746 W Main Street BOI, LLC plans to renovate the space into a commercial kitchen with 15 individual spaces for lease to separate restaurant owners. Each 200-300 square foot space will have all the necessary kitchen equipment already installed and will allow tenants to prepare food for delivery with lower overhead costs than a conventional restaurant would entail. All prepared food will be delivered and there is no on-site dining or takeout planned. The owners have entered into a shared parking agreement with the New Life Apostolic Church next door to utilize parking spaces for delivery driver pick-up and for kitchen staff parking.

The building is adjacent to three other CCDC projects– the recently completed 17th and Main Transit Station, the 17th and Main renovation and streetscape improvements of the building next-door, and The Martha located across the alley to the north. In alignment with area plans to enhance walkability and support a mix of land uses, the developer intends to improve the quality of the built environment through exterior renovations and streetscape improvements. The existing “Creamer” sign atop the building will be kept and refinished, retaining the building’s link to its historical use.

Total development costs for this project are estimated to be approximately $2.3 million and the finished project will host an estimated 50 permanent jobs.

Project Partnership

The project’s planned public improvements include sidewalk repair and upgrades, installing a new streetlight, and upgrades to an electrical transformer. 1744-1746 W Main Street BOI, LLC has requested assistance for these eligible expenses through CCDC’s Type 1 Participation Program. The developer estimates the total of these costs to be $54,000. Type 1 projects are eligible for reimbursement of 100% of public improvement costs up to $200,000, and subject to Board approval.

CCDC Project Manager, Kevin Holmes, is overseeing this project