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30th Street URD Projects Update

December 18, 2018

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the 30th Street URD

Formed in December 2012, the 30th Street URD runs along 27th Street, Whitewater Park Boulevard and encompasses the West Main Street and Fairview Avenue corridor. 



New Path Community Housing

2200 Fairview – New Path Community Housing – PP Type 1:  New Path is rescheduling its open house, which will include tours of the project.  Staff will let the Board know once a new date has been chosen.  The 40 units are 1 bedroom/1 bath, each with a kitchen and living space and all will be furnished.  The housing will serve the highest-need homeless population.  The housing first model has no stipulations or requirements to living there, and services will be provided on site.  Once complete, staff will work with the building owner and project manager to get the necessary documentation to reimburse the project for its streetscape improvements per the Type 1 Agreement.



Moore Street – Sandhill Crane Apartments – PP Type 2:  The Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority was notified that the Sandhill Crane project did not receive tax credit allocation from Idaho Housing and Finance Authority.  There were 20 projects that applied this round, requesting over $14 million in credits, and IHFA only had $5.85 million to award.  The Housing Authority is evaluating how to move forward after this being the 2nd round of unsuccessful requests for tax credits.

Bike Rack Infill:  CCDC entered into a license agreement and providing a bike corral at Clairvoyant Brewing (28th/Idaho) in time for its one-year anniversary.  The corral will remain there, available to the public until the agreement is terminated by either or both parties.  All requests for bike racks have been fulfilled at this time.

Public Art – Traffic Box Wraps:  CCDC is working on MOU with Arts and History for traffic box wraps.  Arts and History to issue Call-To-Artists to select artists for the project and produce content.









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