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Blue Valley to CCDC: “Ya Done Good”

December 17, 2018

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I debated quite a bit how to start this.
Ya done good…that feasibility study addressed a lot of our concerns, especially ‘protection’. Little did we know that the agency already took action and CCDC already gave us the buffer zones. It’s perfect and exactly what Blue Valley is looking for.

— Ron Pucinelli, South Eisenman Neighborhood Association



December 11, 2018 was the big night for CCDC’s new Gateway East Urban Renewal District at Boise City Council. A public hearing followed in-depth presentations by Matt Edmond (CCDC Project Manager), and Geoff Dickinson (SB Friedman Development Advisors). Nearly 20 citizens, mainly residents of Blue Valley, a mobile home park in the district, signed up to share their comments. Mr. Pucinelli was first to speak, and his opening comment set the tone for the two hour hearing.

Watch the hearing HERE (begins at approximately 2:22). City Council wrapped up the meeting with many positive comments and the addition of one new ‘whereas’ in the ordinance. The transparent process and forthright discussion will pay dividends for years to come. It was another milestone night for CCDC and for the citizens of Boise.

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