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CCDC – Underwritten Trailhead Featured in U.S. News

March 2, 2018

News & Notes

Boise has been getting a good deal of national attention lately. Last month, Forbes named Boise as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities 2018 and Expedia listed us as having one of North America’s Coolest Downtowns.

U.S. News recently published an article discussing the dramatic growth Boise has seen in the last few years. Our very own Trailhead was  named in this article!

“One big leap for Boise came in 2015, with the creation of Trailhead, a designated hub where people with ideas could be mentored with experienced entrepreneurs. Today, more than 350 innovators are working in the Trailhead network, which is trying to be a petri dish for new businesses.”

Read the entire article HERE.