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April 15, 2020

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Customers of CCDC with monthly passes in its ParkBOI parking garage system received a fee waiver for the month of April 2020.

The waiver, a direct response to the financial hardships Treasure Valley citizens are facing during the pandemic, removes $330,000 of obligations our customers can spend to prop up the economy elsewhere.

“Giving this fee waiver to our customers is the proper action for CCDC to take at this time,” said John Brunelle, CCDC executive director. “We’re here to assist in creating a strong local economy, and, in this case, it means allowing our loyal customers to use their money for something other than parking.”

This action was proposed by agency employees and ratified by the Board of Commissioners at a recent public meeting. The waiver applies to CCDC customers, a mix of corporate and individual pass holders. The financial loss will be wholly absorbed by the agency.

The idea came from CCDC employees immediately following Gov. Brad Little’s Stay at Home order that was issued on March 25. 

Customer reaction was immediate: 

“Thank you. My husband is out of work since January because of this. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Every dollar is precious right now.”

“Thank you. We are all in this together … This helps.”

“Thank you! I really appreciate it. This will make a big difference. I hope all is well with you.”


When the agency board of commissioners approved the April fee waiver it also granted authority to its executive committee to consider a waiver for May 2020. The committee will make a decision on a potential May waiver based on available facts later in April.

There has been some confusion around monthly fees associated with other parking entities. The Car Park, a private company that operates the garages, sent a message to customers who are not affiliated with CCDC that offered an April fee waiver. It has since called that message a mistake. CCDC does not have authority over fees or policies made by other organizations. We can say that our monthly customers will, without exception, enjoy an April waiver on their fees. We encourage any customers of other organizations to discuss questions around parking fees and policies with The Car Park.