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CCDC Waives May Parking Fees for Monthly Customers

April 27, 2020

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CCDC Waives May Parking Fees for Monthly Customers

BOISE, Idaho – Monday, April 27, 2020 – Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), Boise’s redevelopment agency, is waiving monthly ParkBOI parking fees for May 2020.  This is the second consecutive month the agency’s Board of Commissioners approved such action.

The agency has saved customers more than $600,000 in parking fees in the past 60 days. The decision benefits approximately 2,500 regular monthly customers, including individual and corporate account holders, in the agency’s six downtown public parking garages.  CCDC will wholly absorb the loss of revenue in its operating budget.

“Although the ParkBOI system has remained open and keycards remain activated, less than 15 percent of our monthly customers are using the garages,” said John Brunelle, the agency’s executive director. “We believe usage will increase in May, but extending the fee waiver for our monthly customers is the right thing to do. Every bit of relief makes a difference for the individuals and businesses struggling during the pandemic.”

Some parking and mobility projects scheduled for fiscal year 2020 may be delayed to FY2021 in order to make up for parking revenue losses. No projects are expected to be canceled due to the fee policy.

The CCDC fee waiver applies only to agency-related customers. There are some passholders in ParkBOI who are not CCDC customers.  The agency expects monthly parking fees to return to more normal levels in June.