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Condo project near Boise Library chugging along

July 10, 2014


Posted by Sven Berg on July 10, 2014

8th, 9th, River and Fulton streets that Boise’s urban renewal agency owns.
If all goes according to plan, RMH will finish construction of about 60 condominiums and several retail spaces
on the block, which the company would acquire from the agency, Capital City Development Corp, in early
2016, though that’s a rough timeframe.
“Too early to say on (a) possible groundbreaking construction schedule,” renewal agency executive director
John Brunelle said in an email Thursday. “There are still some significant details to determine.”
In March, the renewal agency’s board picked RMH’s plan for a mixed-use development from six competing
proposals. Other proposals included a hotel project by 8th & Main developer Gardner Co. and an apartment
concept by famed Seattle architect Olson Kundig.
Wednesday afternoon, Boise’s planning and development department released documents that RMH
submitted showing basic concepts for materials, size and shape of the project. The transaction between
Boise’s renewal agency and RMH has yet to take place. Until that happens, there’s no certainty that the
project will be built.
Brunelle said CCDC “has been very pleased with the work completed by RMH at this point in the process.
The early phases of the planning and negotiation have gone smoothly. So far, so good.”