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Infrastructure Project Update: 122 N 5th Street – Shops at 5th – PP Type 1

March 12, 2018

News & Notes

The property owner of the Brownfield’s building located on the southeast corner of 5th and Idaho Street plans to remodel the existing building for office and retail use. The renovation project includes significant alteration to the existing building and a 2,988 SF second floor addition. Public improvements in the right of way will be completed on 5th Street and Idaho Street frontages.

The Board Designated the Shops at 5th as a Type 1 Project at the February Board meeting. Staff has drafted a Type 1 Participation agreement to be approved by the Board at the March meeting on the Consent Agenda.

The Board approved the Agreement in March, and CCDC will now execute the contract. Construction will begin this spring and is scheduled to be complete in early 2019. Reimbursement will be based off actual costs once construction is complete. For more information, please visit the Shops at 5th Project Page.

CCDC Project Manager, Laura Williams, is overseeing this project.