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Main Street Station to Participate in December 1st First Thursday with Art Tour

November 29, 2016

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Nov. 28, 2016


BOISE– The new Main Street Station at 8th and Main Street is full of beautiful artwork and Valley Regional Transit is anxious to show it off during the next First Thursday event in downtown Boise. Staff from Valley Regional Transit and the Boise City Department of Arts and History will be available at the station’s front entrance from 5-9 p.m. Thursday, December 1, to provide information about both current and future artwork projects. The station is located at 777 W. Main Street. The multi-use transit facility opened on Monday, Oct, 24th.

Keep Moving People by Stephanie Inman

Current artwork at the station includes:

In Our Own Backyard by Amy Cheng. This artwork features examples of 20 wildflowers native to Idaho (photographs by Steve Martin). The mosaic tile mural, located on the east well near the front stairway, borrows its curvilinear shapes from Art Noveau, a turn-of-the-century art movement based on, and inspired by, ancient Egyptian art.

Keep Moving People  by Stephanie Inman. Hundreds of broken toys with a transportation theme (cars, buses, bikes, train, planes, etc.) were collaged into the words KEEP MOVING PEOPLE to greet visitors. The artwork is located above the main stairway to the Station.

Moments in Transition by John Francis. This five-part series of photo murals, located on the lower-level west wall, reflects a multitude of realities. These images are never seen at the moment they are captured, but the marks they leave behind are real.

Color Passages by Stephanie Inman. Located at each of the four exits to the bus bays, floor medallions mark bus entry points and the tie into our local landmarks with geography, transportation and wildlife elements.

Rhythms of the Road by TAG Historical Research. Painted horizontal bands contain an interpretative display that honors the history of Boise’s Interurban, streetcar and transportation systems.