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ParkBOI Garage Re-Branding is Nearly Complete!

January 2, 2018

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  New ParkBOI branded exterior signs

The beautification of downtown Boise continues. One of the recent upgrades has been the fresh look of the six CCDC-owned public parking garages. A major initiative in CCDC’s Parking & Facilities work plan was to re-brand what has historically been called the “Downtown Public Parking System.”  The goal was to create a distinctive identity for downtown Boise’s public parking, which has two components – the on-street parking managed by the City of Boise and the structured parking owned and managed by CCDC.


Fresh interior paint

With the assistance of Oliver Russell and Kimley Horn, the ParkBOI brand was created in 2016. CCDC has partnered with Merit Professional Coatings and Color Craft Panting, Inc. to repaint all six public parking garages in downtown Boise, and YESCO to fabricate and install new exterior signage at each garage. The ParkBOI exterior signs make it easier to spot a parking garage, and the interior painting is color coded by floor and consistent among all ParkBOI garages to help parkers remember where they parked. Phase II of this sign project will include multi-tenant signs in BoDo.


Visit the new ParkBOI Website!