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Place Making Project Update: Central District Improvements

April 16, 2018

News & Notes

With the impending Central District sunset and the need for repairs and minor improvements to areas of older streetscape, the Agency has budgeted funds in FY18 to make improvements throughout the Central District. The large areas of improvement in this project are Capitol Boulevard’s east sidewalk improvements, 8th Street’s furnishing zone enhancements, and Freak/Union Alley improvements. A collection of miscellaneous spot repairs also will be completed.

April 13, 2018 Construction Updates

8th Street, Main Street to Idaho Street
Bollards and concrete paving  have been completed at 8th and Main Street, as well as the loading area at the Zion’s Bank Building. Demolition will begin on the Idaho Street side on Monday April 16th with bollards and concrete paving being completed by the end of next week. Guho will also continue rebuilding the corners to meet ADA standards, as well as the furnishing zone on the East side. This portion of the project should be complete by the middle of May.

8th Street, Idaho Street to Bannock Street
Crews have made significant progress over the last couple weeks. All the sidewalk work should be completed by April 20th. Guho will have to interrupt the sidewalks again as we rebuild the alley approaches along with the alley project. While installing the bollards on Main St, many surprises were discovered underground that complicated the installation. Guho is unable to install the bollards and keep half the road open as originally planned. This section of 8th Street will need to be closed to complete the bollard installation. This work will be overlapped with the alley construction, specific dates are forthcoming. There will be a temporary delivery zone created on Idaho Street during this time to help maintain delivery areas.

Freak, and Union Alley Construction
Guho has received all required permits and are ready to start the alley construction phase. They will be starting with Freak Alley; minor construction activity will start Monday April 16th. Full alley closure and major construction will begin Wednesday, April 18th. Please see attached logistics plan for temporary trash and recycling locations and additional closures. Click to view: Freak Alley Map

For more information, please visit the Central District Improvements project page. 


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