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Public Survey for Bike Lanes Open

March 18, 2016

News & Notes

Ada County Highway District is currently analyzing four alternatives to add east-west bike lanes downtown between 16th and Broadway. The four alternatives are: 1) Standard bike lanes on Jefferson (AKA “No Build”), 2) Bike lanes protected by parking on Main and Idaho, 3) Bike lanes with painted buffer on Main and Idaho, and 4) Pylon protected bike lanes with parking removed on one side of Main and Idaho.

Click here to view the four concepts and supporting materials and take the survey. Public comment can be best utilized if received before March 30, 2016.

CCDC supports the expansion of bike lanes in downtown Boise as a way to expand transportation choices, reduce car congestion, improve air quality, and promote healthy lifestyles and a more vibrant downtown.


Parking Protected Bike Lanes