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River-Myrtle/Old Boise URD Projects Update

February 26, 2019

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the River-Myrtle/Old Boise URD

The city’s largest district, River-Myrtle/Old Boise is made up of two distinct zones: the areas adjacent to the Boise River, public parks, and the historic downtown section known as Old Boise.


Economic Development

6th and Front – Hotel and Parking Garage – PP Type 3, 5:  On January 11, Front Street Investors provided its contractor with notice to proceed on this long planned new construction project. Contractors have mobilized and begun excavation. The developers have provided the agency with sufficient evidence of construction commencement and project financing, and CCDC in turn has provided a waiver to release the Right-of-Reversion clause in the Disposition and Development agreement. Excavation is underway at the construction site.

CCDC staff tour of The Gibson

505 W. Idaho Street – The Gibson – PP Type 2, 4:  The Gibson apartment building is complete and approximately 75 percent leased.  Staff inspected improvements subject to reimbursement under participation agreements, and is awaiting some final documentation from the developer.

503-647 S. Ash Street – Ash Street Townhomes– Agency Disposition PP Type 5:  In 2018, through a competitive RFQ/P process this property was sold to deChase/Miksis for the purpose of transforming these underutilized parcels into workforce housing. The Ash Street Townhomes will add 34 workforce rental housing units as well as a small retail space along the Pioneer Pathway. The development should be completed summer 2019. Upon successful completion, CCDC’s Disposition and Development Agreement commits to a land write down and the reimbursement of public utilities in and around the site.

611 S. 8th Street – Afton Phase I – Agency Disposition PP Type 5: In 2001, CCDC Acquired the site for redevelopment and sold in two phases to RMH Company following a 2013 competitive RFQ/P process. Units are completed, sold, and occupied. A unique restaurant, Kiwi Shake & Bake, opened in December 2018 at corner of 8th and River Streets.

The Afton Phase II

620 S. 9th Street – Afton Phase II – Agency Sold PP Type 5: CCDC acquired the site in 2001 for redevelopment and sold in two phase steps in 2015 to RMH Company following a competitive RFQ/P process in 2013. Construction is well underway and the final transaction with the developer is planned for late 2019.

500 S. 8th Street – Trailhead – Agency Lease Property:  This 60 month (5 year) lease entered year number five on February 1, 2019, which decreases the agency’s expenses related to utilities to 60%. Facility operations and maintenance continue at a normalized level, while event and user programming by Actuate Boise remains active in the new year.  Trailhead’s new Executive Director is scheduled to provide the yearly report to the Board at the March meeting.

410 S. Capitol – Marriott Residence Inn – PP Type 2:  The project’s first reimbursement will be paid in September of 2019.

3rd & Myrtle – Caddis Mixed Use – PP Type 2:  Agency has been working with the developers on their potential eligible expenses. The developer plans to submit a Type 2 application later this month, and staff will bring the project to the board for a Designation at the March 11, CCDC board meeting.

323 Broad Street – Cartee Apartments – PP Type 2: Developer, Local Construct, has submitted a Type 2 application for public improvement expenses. Staff will bring this project to the CCDC Board for Designation at the February 11, meeting.

429 10th Street – Agency Owned – PP Type 5 (RFP):  Staff will bring an Option to Convey Agreement to the Board at the February meeting. The option will be granted to the City so that they can work on a development plan that includes CCDC’s parcel with the City-owned parcel across the alley on 11th street.



535 S. 15th Street – River Street Lofts – PP Type 1:  Construction continues with completion expected in June. Sales activities are underway for the condominium loft-style units.

5th and Grove Utilities – Underground & Conduit: This project consists of the design and construction to underground the utilities and install a conduit bank on 5th Street from Front Street to Main Street. Idaho Power and Quadrant Consulting are working on preliminary plans and easement agreements. Plans are expected in March.  This project will be included under the 2019 Streetscape contract.

11th Street Streetscape – Grove Street to River:  These streetscape improvements are slated for construction in FY23 by CCDC. To maximize public investment, the agency is working closely with ACHD on a current project, the 11th Street bikeway facilities. To ensure that cooperative and coordinated solutions are developed by ACHD and CCDC in their respective planning processes, CCDC is conducting planning and design on a similar schedule to ACHD.

River Street Streetscape – 11th to Ash:  Design and construction of 2018 streetscape improvements on River Street between Ash Street and 12th Street.  Construction complete.  Substantial completion punch list items complete. Closeout documents have been received. Project is complete.

October 24, 2017 RFP issued to three on-call design professional firms
November 28, 2017 The Land Group selected as the design professional of record
January 2018 Task Order with The Land Group for design documents.  Note:  Project costs are estimated at less than $200k – informal bidding planned
March 31, 2018 90% CD Drawings and specifications completed
June 2018 City of Boise review for grading permits
July 25, 2018 Informal Bidding.  Bid sets sent to three qualified contractors
August 7, 2018 Bids received.  Contract award to Guho Corp, lowest responsive bidder
September 7, 2018 Notice to Proceed issued.
October 2018 Construction commenced Oct 1; 45 days to Substantial Completion
November 2018 Substantial Completion
December 2018 Final Completion; closeout paperwork in process
January 2019 Final Closeout Completed.


6th Street Streetscape – Front to Main: Design and construction of streetscapes on 6th Street between Main and Front streets. The Land Group has been hired as the design professional for the project. Surveying has been done and schematic design meeting is scheduled with City of Boise on February 6.

October 9, 2018 RFP issued to three on-call design professional firms
November 5, 2018 The Land Group selected as design professional of record
December 2018 Task Order with final scope of work for project executed
January 2019 Bundled in 2019 Streetscape Improvements package


RMOB – Consolidated Newspaper Boxes:  Agency and COB are coordinating purchase and installation of new consolidated boxes. CCDC is awaiting the City Code changes to the Downtown Streetscape Standards that will allow this project to move forward, possibly in April 2019.

122 N. 5th Street – Shops at 5th – PP Type 1:  The developer is no longer proceeding with this project and the property has been sold. The Type 1 agreement expires in March. Staff is in contact with new owner should any new project progress.

204 N. Capitol – Adelmann Building – PP Type 1:  Construction that was planned to start in November 2018 is yet to begin. Agency is following up with owner. The Type 1 agreement lasts through August 29, 2019.

390 S. Capitol – Mod Pizza – PP Type 1:  Building owner / developer, Hawkins Company, has submitted a Type 1 application for streetscape and awning expenses. Staff will bring this project to the Board for Designation at the February 11, CCDC board meeting.



5th and Myrtle – Signalized Crossing: Kittelson & Associates is working on a preliminary warrant analysis for a new signalized crossing at S. 5th and Myrtle.

RM Circulator – Preliminary Engineering:  CCDC is partnering with COB Public Works to split the costs of preliminary engineering for the Downtown Circulator project.  Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

Building Eight Condominiums Association:

Members Percent Interest
Raymond Management 62.5%
CCDC 35%
Hendricks (represented by Colliers International) 2.5%
Annual Report Due:

December 31, 2019

Next Annual Meeting: TBD
Issues/Comments: No major freezing issues during the winter.  There’s an ongoing insurance claim related to damage that occurred to a Hampton Inn Unit. Agency Staff is working with Condo partners and insurance providers.


Front Street Condominium Association: 

Members Percent Interest
GBAD 2.00
CCDC 25.76
Aspen Condominiums 52.17
Hendricks (represented by Colliers International) 20.07%
Annual Report Due:

November 30, 2019

Next Annual Meeting:  TBD
Issues/Comments: Annual Meeting was held November 26, 2018.


ParkBOI – Capitol & Myrtle Garage – Agency Owned Property:  The backup generator that services the parking garage, hotel, and retail space, required a replacement battery charger in January. No significant disruption in service to garage customers was reported. The expense will be shared by members of the Building 8 Condominium Association.

ParkBOI – 9th & Front Garage – Agency Owned Property:  Staff is scoping a project to hire a materials testing consultant to evaluate the stair towers for chloride intrusion. The deliverable will be a report, the results of which will be used to update the agency’s Parking Reinvestment Plan.

ParkBOI – 11th & Front Garage – Agency Owned Property:  A warranty walkthrough was conducted on January 7. Representatives were present from the CCDC and all partners in the 11th & Front Garage. A number of “punch list” items were identified, and following the inspection these actions occurred: The threshold was caulked in mid-January by the contractor and the leaking has ceased.  The contractor also adjusted the Fire Riser Room Door and has corrected the issue.  On February 1, the contractor ground down a portion of the drain at the bottom of the level 4 ramp in an effort to improve drainage. Staff will investigate the drainage issue the week of February 4.

5th and 6th Streets – COB/ACHD Traffic Configuration: ACHD has this project on indefinite hold until there is programmed construction funding. Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.


Place Making

Grove Street – Multi-Block Improvement Project:  Work is in process to collaborate with the City and design professionals to develop a vision statement and design ideas. CCDC has solicited proposals from design professionals for review. Design Professional proposals have been received. Selection and contracting forthcoming.

Block 5, 33, 34, 35 – CCDC Alley Program:  CenturyLink removed its overhead lines on January 2.  Idaho Power will remove the two remaining poles in the vicinity of 3rd Street. Completion date for this action is undetermined at this time.

Block 7 – CCDC Alley Program:  CCDC and The Land Group are negotiating trash placement and screening, lighting options, and necessary easements with property owners.  Staff will present the schematic concept to the Board at the March meeting. This project will be included under the 2019 Streetscape contract.


Special Projects

RM Public Art – COB Traffic Boxes – PP Type 4:  COB Arts and History issued the Call-To-Artists to select artists for the project. A selection panel is scheduled for March 4, to review content to be developed.  The T4 Agreement between CCDC and the City of Boise is on the February 11, Board Meeting agenda for approval.

8th St. Public Art – COB Murals – PP Type 4: CCDC is working with the COB Arts and History on a T4 Agreement for murals in Simplot Alley and on 9th Street. COB is in the process of deciding how to handle easements. Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

RM Public Art – COB Broad Street Sculpture – PP Type 4:  Call-to-Artists to be issued by the City of Boise and an artist selected for the project.  The T4 Agreement between is on the February 11, Board Meeting agenda for approval.

617 S. Ash Street – Hayman House – Agency Conveyed:  CCDC acquired this site in 2011 for the development of the Pioneer Pathway and preservation of the historic home. In to the City Arts and History Department along with $270,000 for public improvements to create a unique public artist and gathering space in the River Street Neighborhood that honors the historical significance of the home.