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Shoreline & Gateway East District Projects Update

December 15, 2020

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the Shoreline URD


Shoreline District – Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards Update:  CCDC, in collaboration with the City, is preparing to update the Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards Manual. These standards provide guidance to private development and Agency’s Capital Improvement Plan projects for streetscape improvements in the public rights-of-way within the downtown Urban Renewal Districts.

The standards currently in effect were adopted by the City in 2015 and do not include the Shoreline District project area. This update will incorporate that project area as well as the innovative stormwater management strategies outlined in the City’s Lusk Street Neighborhood Master Plan and River Street Neighborhood Master Plan.

The update will be reviewed by neighborhood stakeholders, the City, and ACHD before being considered for formal approval. Once approved by the CCDC Board, the updated standards will be forwarded to the City Council and recommended for final approval and adoption into Blueprint Boise. Preliminary meetings with property owners and area stakeholders have begun to help define the scope of this project. The project will include an emphasis on the 17th Street sub area of the Shoreline District. Project Lead: Doug Woodruff


News Update on CCDC Projects in the Gateway East URD

9100 S. Eisenman Road – PP Type 2:  The R.L.R. Investments, LLC, project at 9100 S. Eisenman will host a new regional industrial mixed-use facility and be a regional hub for R.L.R. Investments’ national operations. The project will consist of three structures: a 5,000 SF office joined to a 60,000 SF freight terminal, and a 9,000 SF maintenance shop. The project will also renovate the existing, dilapidated fueling canopy. Seventy parking spaces and a private green space constitute the property’s remaining development. Estimate total cost is $9.8 million. The project anticipates $385,000 of Eligible Expenses to be paid over the standard Gateway District six-year term.  Estimated completion is summer 2021 and then fully on the tax roll by calendar year 2022. The project will generate roughly $80,000 in added tax increment per year. The project received approval at the June 2020 Board meeting. Excavation and site work is complete.  Construction is underway on the main structure.  Project Lead: Brady Shinn

9025 S. Federal Way – PP Type 2: 9025 S. Federal Way is an 11,000 square foot mixed-use office and industrial project consisting of three office suites and two warehouse bays on a 1.4-acre lot located on the west side of Federal Way across from the Micron campus. The Board approved a Type 2 participation agreement for approximately $94,000 of Eligible Expenses on the $2.1 million project at its January 2020 meeting. The Applicant has submitted its Reimbursement cost justification materials.  Agency review underway.  Project Lead: Brady Shinn

9605 S. Eisenman Road – Boise Gateway 1 – PP Type 2: Boise Gateway 1 is a 168,000 square foot industrial building project with related site improvements located at the southwest corner of Eisenman Road and Freight Street. This is the first project / phase of the 140-acre Boise Gateway Industrial Park, on land owned by the City of Boise and ground-leased to the Boyer Company for development. The project was completed this summer and the primary tenant, Verde Fulfillment, has occupied the building and is operational. Total project value is estimated to be $13 million, with an estimated $425,000 of Eligible Expenses. The project was designated for Type 2 assistance at the November 2019 Board meeting.  Boyer Company is working with its contractor to prepare documentation for the reimbursement request.  Project Lead: Matt Edmond

Gowen Road – ACHD Cost Share – PP Type 4:  ACHD will replace the Gowen Road bridge over the railroad right-of-way including widening the bridge to accommodate bike lanes and sidewalks. At its May 2020 meeting, the CCDC Board approved an amended cost share permit and interagency agreement to include a longer bridge span for a mixed use pathway along the railroad, fiber optic conduit, and wider sideways in the project, at an estimated cost of $360,000. The ACHD project is scheduled to go out to bid December 2020 with a notice to proceed in March 2021. Project Lead: Matt Edmond

Production Street and Gowen Road Utilities: This project will install new fiber optic conduit banks and associated vaults along Production Street and Gowen Road for the City to enhance data connectivity within city limits. Civil Survey Consultants completed the design of the project in November 2020, but the engineer’s estimate was higher than the FY21 project budget. CCDC will delay the start of construction until summer 2021 so that costs can be split between FY21 and FY22. Project Lead: Amy Fimbel