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Shoreline & Gateway East District Projects Update

February 14, 2022

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the Shoreline URD

Economic Development

17th Street Reinvestment Study: CCDC prepared a neighborhood level study for the western portion of the Shoreline URD generally bounded by the I-184 Connector, Americana Boulevard and the Boise River.  The objective of this project was to identify opportunities for public investment by CCDC and partner agencies, which will spur private investment in the study area.  The Project Team delivered the final report at the end of August 2021.  Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer



Update on CCDC Projects in the Gateway East URD


Economic Development

1001 E. Gowen Road – AZEK – PP Type 2: Decking manufacturer AZEK is investing over $123 million to retrofit the old Shopko building, including $1.4M in eligible expenses to expand power infrastructure and four streetlights to create its flagship location in the American West. The company anticipates creating 160 new permanent jobs with a median salary of $80,000. The Board designated this project for Type 2 participation in August 2021 and construction began later that month with full operation expected in March 2022. Approval of the final agreement is on the Board’s February consent agenda. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar 

951 E. Gowen Road – Red River Logistics and Commerce Centers – PP Type 2: Flint Development plans to construct nearly 1.3 million square feet of speculative Class A industrial space over two sites adjacent to the Boise Cut-Off rail line. The Board designated the project for Type 2 assistance in January 2022. Public improvements of nearly $4 million include the extension of Production Street, a project included in the Gateway East District Plan. The Agency is negotiating a final agreement for Board approval. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar



Gowen Road – ACHD Cost Share – PP Type 4:  This is a cost-share project with an ACHD bridge replacement project on Gowen Road at the railroad crossing.  CCDC-funded improvements include installation of a fiber-optic conduit bank between Exchange Street and Eisenman Road, a wider sidewalk on the approaches to the bridge, and a longer bridge span, which will accommodate a future Rail-with-Trail pathway under the bridge.  Construction of the improvements is underway and expected to be complete during winter/spring 2022.  Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

Eisenman Road Interim Improvements, Blue Sage Lane to Blue Valley Lane:  The southern end of Eisenman Road is currently a two-lane rural roadway with no pedestrian or bike facilities.  While a future project is anticipated in the ACHD CIP between 2036 and 2040 to widen Eisenman and will likely include permanent bike/ped facilities, residents of the Blue Valley Estates Mobile Home Park desire a safe option for pedestrian travel along the Eisenman frontage of the Park now, particularly for school-age children trying to access the only available school bus stop at the intersection of Eisenman Road and Blue Valley Lane.  CCDC is coordinating with the South Eisenman Neighborhood Association, Boise School District, Idaho Power, and City of Boise to identify potential interim pedestrian and overhead lighting improvements on the west side of Eisenman adjacent to the Park.  CCDC has contracted with Civil Survey Consultants on an initial task order to analyze three different alternative opportunities to improve conditions: two alternatives seek to provide interim pedestrian facilities and the third will provide infrastructure, which would allow Boise School District to modify current school bus routing and better serve the Park.  CCDC is coordinating alternatives with the School District and City of Boise.  Idaho Power installed overhead lighting improvements in early February 2022. .  Project Lead:  Zach Piepmeyer



Production Street and Gowen Road Utilities: This project will install new fiber optic conduit banks and associated vaults along Production Street and Gowen Road for the City to enhance data connectivity within city limits. CCDC Board approved contract award to Track Utilities LLC at the September Board meeting. Track Utilities started construction November 2 and anticipates being complete by February2022 with final pavement restoration occurring in spring 2022.  Project Lead: Amy Fimbel